May 19, 2018

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Balmond "Fighter-Tank" Build and Strategy Guide


Balmond is a Fighter-Tank hero that specializes in crowd control and HP regeneration. Thanks to his passive skill Bloodthirst, his regeneration abilities is among the best in the game. This build focuses on further enhancing Balmond's regeneration capability, physical damage as well as reducing skill cooldown. If executed perfectly, this build will make Balmond unstoppable in early and mid-game phases.

Balmond's Tale

The renowned Bloodaxe Orcs are the result of interbreeding between blood demons and other devils, and their custom of using arcane magic to infect the bodies of their enemies with tainted blood is a testament to this fact. They are bloodthirsty and war-loving, and the strongest among them is named Balmond.


Balmond possess one passive skill and three active skills. The following are the descriptions and analyses of each skills.
  • Passive - Bloodthirst: Regenerates 4% of max HP each time Balmond kills a minion. Regenerates 10% of max HP each time Balmond kills a hero.
Analysis: A very good passive skill for a tank that fights in the frontlines. Having the ability to regenerate an amount of HP every kill is a good bonus. Make sure to always last hit minions when laning to keep your HP full.
  • Blink - Soul Lock: Charges up to an enemy and deals 150/175/200/225/250/275 + (+60% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies along the way. After hitting the target he will stop and lower that enemy's movement speed by 60% that will last for 2.5 seconds. Has an 11.0/10.5/10.0/9.5/9.0/8.5 seconds Cooldown and does not require Mana to cast.
Analysis: Soul Lock is a great skill for pursuing enemies as well as an escaping skill when fleeing. Always make sure this skill is ready when unsure of the situation.
  • AoE - Cyclone Sweep: For 3 seconds, brandishes a large axe and continuously deals 80/105/130/155/180/205 + (+37% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Has 7.0 seconds cooldown and does not require Mana to cast.
Analysis: This is your bread and butter skill, a great skill to harass the enemy in early game. Use this skill to gain the upper hand in the beginning of the game, it is easier to last hit minions with this skill.
  • Burst + AoE - Lethal Counter: Raises a giant axe to deal 350/500/650 + (50% Total Physical ATK) + 20% of the target's missing HP, as true damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of the hero, and lowers the enemy movement speed by 60% for 2 seconds. Deals up to 1300 damage to non-hero units. Has a 40.0/33.0/26.0 seconds cooldown and does not require Mana to cast.
Analysis: The ultimate skill that even tank heroes must beware for it's damage can also scale up directly proportional to the target's HP. Lethal counter is very useful in clashes, use this when you see an enemy with at least 50% HP remaining so your allies can easily finish them off.

Custom Tank Emblem with Firmness, Fortress and Tenacity talents is preferred for this build. However, if Custom Tank Emblem is not yet unlocked or is still low level, it is imperative that you use your highest level Emblem that can boost defense or physical damage.

Battle Spell

This build expects Balmond to fight in the frontlines, absorbing damage while give pressure to enemies. The preferred battle spell of tank users is the Petrify becuase it's a mini AoE stun. Weaken is also viable for Balmond because it has a longer cast range and can really put marksmen and mages out of use for 3 seconds.
  • Weaken: Reduces the target hero's movement speed by 70% and Physical and Magic Power by 50% for 3 seconds. Weaken has a 60 seconds Cooldown.
  • Petrify: Deals 115 to 325 magic damage to surrounding enemies (increases with level) and petrifies targets for 0.7 seconds. Petrify has a 90 seconds Cooldown.

  • Warrior Boots: Gives +22 Armor, +40 Movement SPD and Unique Passive: Valor. Valor increases the wearer's physical defense by 5 each time a basic attack is received, up to 25 points. Enchanted Talisman costs $690.
  • Bloodlust Axe: Gives +70 Physical ATK, +10% CD Reduction and +20% Spell Vamp. Bloodlust Axe costs $1,970.
  • Cursed Helmet: Gives +920 HP, +50 Magic RES and Unique Passive: Burning Soul. Burning Soul deals 1.5% of their Max HP to nearby enemies as magic damage each second. Burning Soul deals and extra 50% damage to minions. Burning Soul  costs $1,830.
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen: Gives +15 Physical ATK, +1,000 HP, +10% CD Reduction and Unique Passive: Demonize. Demonize reduces damage taken by 50% when health is less than 40% and increases your Lifesteal by 30%. Demonize lasts 5 seconds and has  50 seconds cooldown. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen costs $2,250.
  • Oracle: Gives +850 HP, +36 Magic RES, +35 HP Regen, +10% CD Reduction and Unique Passive: Scream. Scream makes the wearer recover 8% HP within 4 seconds after being attacked. Scream has an 8 seconds cooldown. Oracle costs $2,110.
  • Twilight Armor: Gives +1,200 HP, +400 Mana, +50 HP Regen and Unique Passive: Defiance. Defiance: After the hero takes over 900 points of Physical Damage, they will take 900 points of Physical Damage at most up to 5 seconds. Cooldown is 5 seconds. Twilight Armor costs $2,260.
Analysis: Craft Warrior Boots and Bloodlust Axe as soon as possible. If you manage to craft these two items early, it is easier to farm and stay at the frontlines. Next, craft the Cursed Helmet, not only that you need it to increase your HP and Magic RES, this item makes you an intimidating because of Burning Soul. Next is the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, this item is very beneficial to you as it directly reduces incoming damage by 40% when your HP is low, it also increases you HP which in turn increases the Burning Soul damage. Oracle and Heart of Steel can be crafted in any order, depending on the situation, if the enemy already has a powerful marksman, craft the Heart of Steel first to negate the critical rate. If however the enemy have two magic damage dealers, craft the Oracle first.
Skill Rotation

Balmond is among the easiest hero to use, the skill rotation is simply use Soul Lock to initiate and then Cyclone Sweep to damage and finally unleash Lethal Counter as soon as you see an enemy hero with less than 50% HP. With this item build, it guaranteed that you can use Soul Lock and Cyclone Sweep almost non-stop.


Avoid the middle lane at the beginning, go to top or bottom lane. Always clear you lane immediately to help your team's Jungler on your side of the map, tank the jungle monsters only and do not steal the buffs. As a tank, it is your role to participate in every clash and gank. The main role of the tank is to initiate and absorb damage so that your team's marksman and mage can do their jobs properly.

Gameplay Tips

If you are fully geared, spend the rest of you money to buy Rock Potion to increase you defensive capability. Always make sure to last hit minions to replenish lost HP, with your Bloodthirst skill and Bloodlust Axe it is faster to replenish HP by killing enemies rather than going back to base. If you decided to use the Weaken  battle spell, always use it against the enemy marksman or mage. You can also use Weaken when try to escape, Weaken the one pursuing you to slow him down. Always remember, map awareness and teamwork is the key to securing victory.


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