June 17, 2019

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Monster and Weapon Size Modifier Guide


"Monster Size" is a mechanic of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that categorizes monsters into three different sizes. All monsters are categorized into Small, Medium and Large sizes. Human players are considered Medium sized by default. Different types of weapons have their own unique size modifiers depending on the size of the target. This guide contains weapon size modifier table and lists of cards and consumables that directly affects the weapon size penalties. 

Weapon Size Modifier Table

The table below shows the weapon modifier penalty for each type of weapon. The modifiers are expressed in percentage. If the modifier is 100%, that means there is no size penalty, a 75% modifier means the damage is reduced by 25% and 50% modifier means the damage dealt is reduced by 50%. 

Cards that Affects Size Modifier

Size modifiers can be adjusted by using cards, the following are the cards that can directly offset weapon size modifiers. 

  • Desert Wolf Card (Weapon) - Damage to Small size +25%, Attack +15.
  • Skeleton Worker  (Weapon) - Damage to Medium size +15%, Attack +5.
  • Card Minorous Card (Weapon) - Damage to Large size +25%, Attack +15.
  • Drake card  (Weapon) - 100% damage to Small, Medium and Large sizes.
  • Mysteltainn Card (Armor) - Damage from Small size -30%, Defense +10.

Consumable Items that Affects Size Modifier

Size modifiers can also be adjusted by consumable items, the following are the items that can directly offset weapon size modifiers. 

  • Normal Precision Stone - If self weapon is restrained by monster size, restrained ration reduces by 50% for 15 minutes. Has a chance to get Expert Precision Stone in Production.
  • Expert Precision Stone - No weapon damage penalty based on monster size.

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