Do you want to share gaming strategies, guides, reviews or walkthroughs? This is your chance! Start writing your article now! WARRZ GAMING will publish your article for free.

To maintain WARRZ GAMING integrity and quality, there are guidelines for article submission. Your article must have a title and a subject. Your article must be around 500 words or more and written in proper grammar and sentences. Only in-game screenshots and in-game video recordings are acceptable for publishing. Written articles must be submitted in form of document or text file only, images or videos must be submitted as zipped file only. If you are going to submit a video tutorial or review, please provide at least one paragraph of written commentary or analysis. You must include your name, ign, code name or website so that WARRZ GAMING can attribute the article to you. Last but not the least, you must be the principal author of the article, avoid stealing other's works. Plagiarism is not allowed. You can submit your article to [email protected].

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